Nominal Vs. Real Story

This technique is often used in journalism. You can view any situation with different depths. At the nominal depth, you account for what is going on (an event, an argument, a practice, etc) in a very literal sense. The nominal is what is observable and allows you to look at something objectively. The Real is how the nominal is made tangible for an audience. Where are the points of interest and importance for the reader? The Real Story lets you analyze your audience's particular needs and interests.



The nominal story is what your theme or topic seems to be at the surface, while the real story is how the audience can relate to your story.


Nominal Story

Rescue dogs are used in many different situations to help save lives.

Real Story

Rescue dogs save lives because of their innate ability to sense human distress.  The title “man’s best friend” applies here because of the connection between our instincts.  Dogs smell fear, sense trouble, and have the ability to do many things that humans are unable to do.