Tutor Trainee Job Description


*Position Description:


Tutors must undergo professional and academic training and are hired provisionally until their training is satisfactorily completed. Tutors conduct in-person and online writing tutorials with individual writers and small groups, conduct class tours and class visits, attend weekly staff development meetings and three in-service meetings each semester, participate in mentoring projects, participate in work committees, assist in research projects, and participate in continuous professional development activities. Other duties as assigned. 


To apply:


Download the application packet at https://www.kent.edu/writingcommons/become-tutor. Return application to Jeanne R. Smith, Writing Commons Director by email at jrsmith3@kent.eduor send to Jeanne R. Smith at 113 Satterfield Hall, Kent State University, Kent Ohio, 44242




Must be students. Minimum 3.0 GPA preferred. All majors welcome.


To become tutors, students must have writing talent, strong interpersonal skills, and preparation. To succeed and advance, tutors must continue their professional development. Successful tutors are successful writers. More importantly, they are able to reflect on their writing processes, and to explain these processes to others. It is not enough to write well. Prospective tutors must be able to communicate about writing with diverse audiences. Tutors must be excellent listeners. They must exhibit an unusual level of patience, persistence, and flexibility in order to meet the needs of Writing Commons users. They must demonstrate teamwork, professionalism, and leadership to succeed in our highly collaborative work environment.


Online Application Website: https://www.kent.edu/writingcommons/become-tutor