Using the Passive Voice

What is passive voice?

In the Passive Voice, the subjects of a sentence become the objects of the sentence. This is in contrast to the Active Voice, in which the subject acts in the sentence. Writers should use the active voice instead of the passive voice unless there is a good reason for choosing the passive voice.

  • Verbs include any form of “to be” Such as am, is, are, were, was, be, been, being. 
  • Should be used when the writer  does not want to emphasize the  subject 
  • Should be used when the subject is  unknown
  • We did not take down the party decorations until yesterday. 
  • The party decorations were not taken down until yesterday.
  • No one has discovered a cure for cancer, as of yet. 
  • A cure for cancer has not yet been discovered. 
  • Writers should use the active voice. 
  • The active voice should be used by writers.



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