FlashLine Posting Instructions

Portal Admin > Manage Targeted Content Channels

  • Each of the blocks is called a “channel.”
  • This will be the most used link in FlashLine.


Portal Admin > Manage Targeted Content Channels > Employee Anniversary Tab Content

  • Channel Name: Is the backend identifier.
  • Channel Title: Is what the viewer sees. [Try to keep similar - due to requests]
  • Note: Only one channel on the anniversary tab.

Channels are rebuilt

  • You can tell the active ones because they have roles next to them.

  • Each role is connected by IS on the backend to a list of names.

  • So anyone with the 40-anniversary role would have visibility to this rule.

  • Exposure 1-2 weeks exposure.

Example of the (4) anniversary LIVE CONTENT ROLE below.

Note: Roles already exist - it is just attaching it to the correct channel.

After Code Is Prepared

Copy and paste of the code (select all).

Go to FlashLine > YEAR

Which can be found in:

  • Portal Admin > Targeted Content Channel > Employee Anniversary Tab > Locate the ‘Section Title’ Year [ex. 1979]

  • Change it to ‘Active’ > Save



  • Choose: Free Form HTML from the drop-down menu


  • Hit Go


  • This creates a ‘New Sub-Section’

    • You can technically have more than one sub-section.

      • You would use start/end dates in those instances.

      • In this instance we will leave them blank.

    • For these we will just use the one - click on ‘New Sub-Section’

  • Name: (Same as sub-section) - 1979
  • Dates: Leave Blank (depending on IS calendar)
  • Hit Source (to have the code view) - Paste your code.

  • Toggle back from ‘Source

  • Click Continue


  • Section Audience: Default - Public

    • We want to change it to specifically the people who began in 1979 (who have 35 years in).

    • Click on the (+) sign.

    • Click on ‘Roles’

    • Click on ‘35_anniversary’

    • Choose ‘Select Marked’

    • Choose ‘Done’

    • Screens below for reference of workflow.

  • Section Audience: Now reflecting as active (from above steps).
    • Next: Click ‘Save Changes’
    • Next: Deactivate 1978 (remove role).
  • Locate Section Audience - change the role first (best practice).
    • Delete just the role - because it will be reused as a section in five years.
    • Confirm Delete > Click Done
      • (This will change the section audience to ‘public’ again.)
  • Next: Make ‘Inactive’ > Confirm > Save Changes