Image Files

Images are uploaded as files to the Anniversary Tab Files organic group in Drual (Node ID: 238706). 

Upload an image file

Image Handling Steps

  • Photos are provided by Luke's students, along with the content. 
  • Additional images can be found on if the ones supplied are not usable.
  • Make sure file is: 761 pixels x 305 pixels (aka old banner size in CSPOT)
  • Save the file in Photoshop for Web at 100%
  • Add the file to the Drupal organic group
  • File name = Year
  • Provide a caption and ALT text
  • Save the file
  • Click on the file on the page that loads
  • Retain the URL - it will look similar to this: https://du1ux2871uqvu.cloudfront.net…

Currently Uploaded Files to Drupal