M.A. in Translation (Onsite)

Master of Arts Specializing in Translation: ONSITE Program Requirements

The onsite M.A. in Translation program requires successful completion of 36 semester hours of coursework as detailed below and in the university catalog, including a case study in translation. All students must enroll in TRST 60001 (Graduate Research and Writing), during the first fall semester. This is a departmental requirement. Visit the Master's degree coursework page for a comprehensive list. In addition, students are encouraged to seek internships. 

For questions regarding M.A. program admissions or requirements, please contact Dr. Patrick Gallagher, Graduate Coordinator.

Core Requirements 

NOTE: The following requirements apply to both the online and onsite programs. 

In addition to this departmental requirement, core course requirements include:

  1. TRST  60009 (Documents in Multilingual Contexts)
  2. TRST 60010 ( Theory of Translation),
  3. ARAB 67010/FR 63010 / GER 61010 / JAPN 65010 / RUSS 62010 / SPAN 62010 (Practice of Translation),
  4. TRST 60011(Terminology and Computer Applications for Translators);
  5. ARAB 67240/FR 63240 / GER 61240 / JAPN 65240 / RUSS 62240 / SPAN 68240 (Literary and Cultural Translation);
  6. ARAB 67250/FR 63250 / GER 61250 / JAPN 65250 / RUSS 62250 / SPAN 68250 (Commercial, Legal and Diplomatic Translation),
  7. ARAB 67251/FR 63251 / GER 61251 / JAPN 65251 / RUSS 62251 / SPAN 68251 (Scientific, Technical and Medical Translation),
  8. TRST 60012 (Software Localization),
  9. An elective course such as TRST 60013 (Project Management) or other approved course and
  10. ARAB 67979/FR 63979 / GER 61979 / JAPN 65979 / RUSS 62979 / SPAN 68979 (Case Study in Translation)


Students choose 7 elective hours in any graduate level translation-related courses in consultation with the graduate coordinator for onsite electives and with the Distance Learning Coordinator for online electives. 

Note that Applied Translation Research requires special approval from the graduate coordinator.

Course Schedule

The courses in the M.A. in Translation are offered on a regular two-year schedule and rotation.