B.A. Degree Program

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Degree Requirements

The B.A. in Computer Science requires a total of 41 credit hours within the major in addition to those required by the University and College. They include 23 credits of core CS courses and 18 credits of elective upper-division CS courses.

The B.A. is especially suited for individuals who wish to combine Computer Science with another discipline. For example, a combining degrees in Biology and Computer Science provides courses necessary to work in the Biocomputing field, a much sought after specialty.  A road map for completing a B.A. in Computer Science and Biology can be found here.

Note that students must earn a C or better in CS 13001  and CS 23001. The course requirements are given below.

Core CS Courses (23 credits):

  • CS 13001 CS I: Programming and Problem Solving (4)
  • CS 23022 Discrete Structures for Computer Science (3)
  • CS 23001 CS II: Data Structures and Abstraction (4)
  • CS 33006 Social and Ethical Issues in Computing (3)
  • CS 35101 Computer Architecture (3)
  • CS 33211 Operating Systems (3)
  • CS 33101 Programming Languages (3)

3/40000 level Elective Courses in Computer Science (18 credits):

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Course Dependency Chart

B.A. Dependency Chart