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Email Communication

Making people do what you want, through writing!

Writing Action Items Blog PostNo, I’m not talking about mind control, but something much easier. Follow the below steps and you can greatly increase the probability that your reader will do what you want. First, I believe that people, in general, are helpful (but to a limit). They are willing to spend some (short) time to do what you ask of them. The key is how much time they are willing to spend.

Tired of getting confusing emails? Share this post!

Image of Writing ExampleI don’t know about you, but I often receive emails that are confusing and unclear. After reading them, I still don’t know what the author wants from me. If you have experienced this, or have noticed this in your own writing, then read on for a few tips on streamlining your writing, which can be applied to any form of business writing (emails, reports, proposals, etc.)

Write Stronger Email Subject Lines

Email ImageMost writers fail to take advantage of the one of the most powerful elements of their emails; the Subject line. Well-written Subject lines will greatly increase the chance that your email will not only be opened but get the desired response, and get it more quickly.