Program Costs & Scholarships

Learn more about fees associated with our program and opportunities for scholarships. 

Program Costs

  • Instructional Fee: $1,000
  • This fee covers all core educational activities of the Festival, including tickets to Blossom Music Center and Porthouse Theatre. 
  • Housing Fee: $1,500
  • Parking: $25 (if bringing vehicle; due upon arrival to the Festival)

Additional and Optional Costs

  • Meals: $500-$600 (est.)
  • Meals are not included in program costs and purchasable on or off-campus (this is not a fee due to KBMF)
  • Recreational Activities: Variable
  • Participation in recreational activities is at your discretion. 
  • Learn more about activities offered by the Kent State University Recreation and Wellness Center.


  • A limited number of service-based scholarships are available, based on need. 
  • To request a scholarship:

Fill out our brief application

  • Request a letter of recommendation from your teacher supporting your scholarship application.  The deadline is Feb. 15, 2022 to receive all scholarship materials, including the application and teacher letter of recommendation.
  • Your Scholarship may come in the form of covering housing costs by staying with a host family.
  • Admissions


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  • Young Artist Experience

    Young Artist Experience

    Explore what life is like during the five-week summer festival below!

  • Apply & Audition

    Apply & Audition

    Explore how to apply, including information about each program of study and audition requirements for each. 

  • Frequently Asked Young Artist Questions

    Frequently Asked Young Artist Questions

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