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The Bursar’s Office host several financial wellness workshops in the Center for Undergraduate Excellence.  Below is a full listing of the various financial wellness workshops we offer.

You can access the dates, times,  and register below.  We hope to see you soon!

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Join us for financial wellness month!

April is National Financial Literacy Month and we want students to participate by attending a financial wellness workshop. 
Many workshops are available where you can learn about:
• Comparing job offers and employee benefits
• Protecting your identity
• Budgeting  tools
• Monitoring spending
• Establishing good credit
• Achieving financial goals

Click here to View Financial Wellness Month Schedule of Eventshosted in the Kent State University Library. 

List of workshops being offered during Financial Wellness month. (PDF)


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Financial Wellness Workshops

Workshop Title


Managing Your Money as a College Student: Top 22 Tips

This workshop will help your students to understand the steps in planning for financial goals and making savings a habit, learn the importance of building good credit, and provide them with many more money management tips.

Planning Where Your Money Should go, Instead of Where It Went

This workshop will help you students understand that money management is less overwhelming than they may think.  The Budgeting presentation will cover the difference between fixed and variable expenses and needs and wants, as well as provide students with CashCourse tools that can help them create their own budgets.

Establishing Credit:  Everything You Need to Know

By the end of this workshop, students will understand how to read a credit report and how to build and repair their credit history.

  • Define credit and why it is important
  • Describe the purpose of a credit report and how it is used
  • Explain how to order a copy of a credit report
  • Read and analyze a credit report
  • Identify ways to build and repair credit history

Money Management: Actions You Can Take Today

This workshop kit provides students of all knowledge levels with an overview of several money management topics.  From monitoring spending to protecting credit, the Money Management workshop will help your students feel more prepared and in control of their own finances.

Budgeting for Life after College: A Reality Check

This workshop will give soon-to-be and recent graduates the information and tools they need to prepare themselves for inevitable changes in their financial situations in addition to explaining the connection between income and career, this workshop will provide students with a budgeting worksheet and several money management tips specifically for new graduates. (Presentations for Seniors)

Getting Ahead on the Job

The working world is often uncharted territory for college students, but this workshop can help students better understand the job search process and what to expect when starting a new job, including how to compare job offers, make the most employee benefits, and make a great first impression at a new job, this workshop takes students from beginning to end through the job search process.


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