Aviation Weather Minor

The Aviation Weather minor is for students wishing to gain a deeper understanding of weather and its physical and operational effect on aviation operations. Students will gain knowledge of the national weather information and forecasting system as well as radar and satellite imagery and interpretation, weather information systems, thunderstorms and severe weather and information available to a crew in flight. 

The Aviation Weather minor is a multidisciplinary minor encompassing both aeronautics and geography classes for students wishing to gain a more in-depth knowledge of weather from a climatology and forecasting perspective as well as the unique aspects of aviation weather. Students completing this minor will have a comprehensive base of knowledge about weather trends and patterns, forecasting and climatological trends, public and aviation specific weather products, and operating aircraft in various weather scenarios.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students graduating with this minor will be able to access, interpret and make application of weather tools as related to making decisions regarding aviation operations, including non-flight operations.

Required Courses and Expected Schedule
Required Course Expected Schedule
GEOG 31062 Fundamentals of Meteorology (3) Every fall
GEOG 31064 Principles of Climatology (3) Every spring
GEOG 41066 Global Climate Change (3) Every spring
AERN 25250 Elements of Aviation Weather (3) Every fall and every spring (and often in the summer)
AERN 25251 Weather Information Systems (3) Every even fall (2018, 2020, 2022...)
AERN 25252 Thunderstorms and Severe Weather (3) Every even spring (2020, 2022, 2024…)
AERN 35021 Radar and Satellite Weather Information (3) Every even spring (2018, 2020, 2022…)
AERN 35022 Weather Strategy for Aircrews (3) Every odd spring (2019, 2021, 2023…)

For more information on the specifics of this minor, please contact Dr. Richard Mangrum at rmangrum@kent.edu or 330.672.1933

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