Vision, Mission & Core Values

Vision Statement

To be recognized as a global leader embracing a unique synergy of aeronautics, engineering and technologies that inspires our diverse talent to innovate, impact and improve life, making the universe more accessible and the opportunities for our students immeasurable.

Mission Statement

To embrace a unique synergy of aeronautics, engineering and technologies, positively changing the trajectory of the regional, national and global community by:

  • Providing a dynamic educational experience that fosters experiential learning.
  • Cultivating innovative research that transforms ideas into reality.
  • Producing forward-thinking professionals dedicated to overcoming limits and improving lives.

Core Values

As a college community, we will pursue excellence in all we do, built upon the foundations of respect, compassion, and inclusiveness. We will operate and make decisions with integrity, as we engage in collaboration to build a sense of belonging and achieve our mission.  We will embrace perseverance, recognizing that overcoming obstacles will ultimately lead to the kind of innovation that can most greatly impact and improve lives.