Research Themes

Our research leverages the distinct combination of aeronautics and engineering, enabling innovative engineered systems for a smarter, more secure, and sustainable future that improves life and makes the universe more accessible to all.


Smart Engineering

A cartoonish graphic of a robot, gears overhead, and next to it a large, endoskeletal robot arm.

CAE research pushes the boundaries of smart engineered systems, on the ground, in the air, in space, and on the manufacturing floor.

Safe and Secure

An airplane soaring through space and numbers. Awash in an infinite sky of blue, who knows where it's traveling? It seems to be flying straight toward us! OH NO!

From air traffic control to aviation and cyberspace systems, CAE researchers are focused on ensuring that our skies are safe.

Sustainable Innovations

A leaf floating in a lightbulb with a sun glare rising over the top of the bulb.

As responsible stewards of the planet, CAE researchers are pioneering sustainable innovations in energy, materials, and manufacturing.

Improved Accessibility

Imagery of the earth surrounded by fractals and charts.

From drones for military reconnaissance and domestic surveillance to space exploration.