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CAE Calendar of Events

Are you hosting an event and want the information shared on theCAE Calendar of Events?

Send a calendar invite to caesocial21@gmail.com!

Before you send a calendar invitation, please be mindful of the following items:

  1. Title of Event: Please make sure the title accurately describes the event/initiative.
  2. Time: Make sure the start and end time is correct.
  3. Location: Please spell out the buildings and locations; if specifying a room number, please use it at the beginning. i.e. 101 Aeronautics and Engineering Building
    1. Do not use acronyms/codes; "AEB" is recognized internally but is not the code registered with the State of Ohio.
  4. Description: Please use as much detail as possible in the description. To see an example, please visit the CAE Calendar of Events website.
  5. Please enable the "invitee may make edits" feature. This will save a lot of time.
  6. Most importantly, if you are putting an event/initiative on the calendar, please follow through and refrain from canceling as much as possible.


Logos and Images

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Dare Mighty Things

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Wings Gear Bolt

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CAE Templates

PowerPoint Templates

CAE Minimal PowerPoint Template

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Aeronautics and Engineering Building Letterhead Template

FedEx Aeronautics Academic Center Letterhead Template

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