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The Way Forward 

It’s time to make the imaginable achievable. To prepare. Practice. Disrupt. Construct. 
You’re ready to change the world. And we’re continually reshaping our aeronautics and engineering experiences to make that happen. 

The reason you’re here, after all, is to design a worthy future. At Kent State, you’ll find an environment well-suited to your time and talent. Supportive. Tech-based. With a mix of theory - and hands-on learning. Get in-demand programs that move as fast as technology—and full speed toward the careers you’re after. 

So, adjust your settings to full potential. Because we won’t stop until you get there. 
You’ve got progress to pursue. And we’re ready.                                
Together, we’ll dare mighty things.

  • photo Aviation Management graduates Jeremy and Stephen at Ft. Myers, FL

    B.S., Aeronautics - Aviation Management concentration

    Jump in to big-picture thinking. Gain solid management and technical skills. Add in a strong foundation of aviation knowledge, and you’re ready to take charge across a wide range of aeronautic-based industries from the ground up.

  • Plane panel

    B.S., Aeronautics – Aeronautical Studies concentration

    Get a broad foundational knowledge of aviation that’s yours to build on. Whether you are adding on to previous flight experience or looking to specialize in a specific area of interest, everything related to aviation is here. And it’s time to feed your focus. 

  • photo Air Traffic Control two female students in new ATC Lab

    B.S., Aeronautics – Air Traffic Control concentration

    Take control. Starting right now. With a straight shot to a high-energy career where split-second decisions are the norm. Get the specialized skills and simulation-based training right here that’ll prepare you for the FAA Academy and an action-packed career well beyond.

  • Flight Technology

    B.S., Aeronautics – Professional Pilot concentration

    It’s time to fly. Being a Professional pilot starts here. With the expert knowledge of flight systems and structures, tech skills and unmatched in-flight experiences, you’ll earn the certificates and ratings you need to earn the title and face the horizon head on.

  • UAV Male Student

    B.S., Aeronautics – Unmanned Aircraft Systems Flight Operations concentration

    Bring on the marvels of engineering. Programming and piloting the latest technology will take you far beyond a typical career plan. Where drones, robotics, systems, and solutions converge, you’re there. Directing innovation and investigating what’s next.

Bachelor of Science in Aviation Maintenance Management 

Now accepting applications for Fall 2022. 

The Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Maintenance Management is a completer program designed to prepare certified aviation maintenance technicians with the necessary knowledge and skills to further develop professionally and advance their careers in the areas of leadership, communication and management.

Students will be able to complete the bachelor’s degree in under four years. Students are able earn the Business minor by choosing the final minor required courses from their general electives.

This program is 100% online. 

Admission Requirements

Admission to this major is selective. Applicants must hold Airframe and Powerplant certificates issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or the equivalent certification from an International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) member state.  

Aviation Maintenance Management

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Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates of this program will be able to:

  1. Employ requisite knowledge, skills and techniques to supervise the inspection, repair and return of aircraft to service.
  2. Integrate skills and knowledge essential to the management of aircraft maintenance programs with a focus on safety and efficiency.
  3. Incorporate skills and knowledge needed to effectively lead and manage a team of people working in a maintenance repair organization.


  • photo student wind tunnel from 2018 Superbowl commercial

    Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering

    Pushing math, science, the principles of engineering, and your brain to their outer limits. That’s where you start. Where do you end up? Designing, manufacturing, and working with aircraft, missiles and spacecraft, and unmanned aerial systems—with limitless career options.

  • Students working with Engine Bench

    Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Systems Engineering Technology

    Securing a career investigating, analyzing, designing, implementing, and testing advanced aerospace systems and processes starts here. With technical expertise in engineering materials, aerodynamics, propulsion, and electronics, you’ll be ready to launch in no time.

  • Students along with professor in Lab

    Bachelor of Science in Applied Engineering - Applied Engineering and Technology Management concentration

    The Bachelor of Science in Applied Engineering - Applied Engineering and Technology Management is focused on the application of basic engineering principles, technological skills and management practices using a systems approach to solve complex technological problems. It also functions as a complete degree for students with engineering technology associate degrees. This program is ATMAE accredited.

  • photo of foundry students pouring molten metal

    Bachelor of Science in Applied Engineering – Foundry Concentration

    Exploring materials and processes, then fabricating a career piece by piece means landing in the metal casting industry. This concentration is framed in management courses, programming, hydraulics, pneumatics, and computer-aided manufacturing.

  • photo Computer Engineering Technology faculty member Evren Koptur instructs students

    Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Technology

    Become an expert in computer systems and critical thinking and you can solve the unsolvable. Explore hardware-software interface, analyze computer and networking industry challenges, and engineer software solutions. With industry certifications? Absolutely.

  • Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity Engineering

    Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity Engineering

    Secure a high-growth career on the front lines of our digital economy. Fend off security issues before they occur by designing computer systems and networks equipped to deal with disruptions from natural disasters to malicious cyber-attacks.

  • photo student working in hydraulics lab

    Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology

    Design, operate, install, maintain and analyze high-tech machinery and you’ll gain sought-after skills and an ATMAE accreditation in the process. So go. Engineer solutions to manufacturing challenges and you’ll craft a powerful career in the process.

  • Professor helping a young girl scout with a model plane

    Bachelor of Science in Mechatronics Engineering

    Intelligent, robotic, multi-faceted manufacturing systems require minds just as capable. Who better to design, test, and construct mechanical, electrical, computer, and control systems—than a heads-in, hands-on, I-can-make-it-work person like yourself? Exactly.

  • New FANUC robot with conveyor

    Bachelor of Science in Mechatronics Engineering Technology

    Where thinking meets doing you thrive. You’ll take a mechanical, electrical, computer, hands-on approach to working with high-tech controls, hardware, and software. The result? Efficient processes and systems that are as unstoppable as you are.