Graduate Programs

The College of Aeronautics and Engineering offers the following Master-level degrees:

  • Master of Aviation Management and Logistics

  • Master of Engineering Technology

  • Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering and Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering*

*The Master of Aerospace Engineering is projected to be available for 2020 enrollment.

Distance Learning

The greatest strength of the master’s program is its flexibility, which allows students to complete many graduate-level courses via the internet and video conferencing technology. Plans are underway to offer even more distance learning courses in order to meet the needs of today’s non-traditional students. Given the rapidly changing technologies in every field and the diverse needs of emerging careers and industries, that flexibility has been important to continue to meet the needs of northeast Ohio


A limited number of graduate assistantships are available for students in the MTEC program. In addition to regular coursework, graduate assistants are given teaching and/or research assignments. There are also opportunities for graduate students to collaborate with faculty and researchers on various research and development projects.

Graduate Faculty Advisors

Graduate Students are assigned designated graduate faculty advisors. Students will have the opportunity to work closely with the graduate faculty to tailor an individualized program of study, in addition to the core requirements, that suits their unique professional and educational goals.

Graduate Program Coordinator

Please direct all questions regarding the Graduate Program to Richard Mangrum, Ed.D at or 330-672-1933.