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Graduate Programs


The College of Aeronautics and Engineering offers the following Master-level degrees:

  • Master of Aviation Management and Logistics*

  • Master of Technology

  • Master of Aerospace Engineering**

*The Master of Aviation Management and Logistics is awaiting final approval and is projected to be available for Fall 2019 enrollment.

** The Master of Aerospace Engineering is in the approval process and is projected to be available for 2020 enrollment.

Master of Science in Aviation Management and Logistics

This degree is perfect for working professionals or those about to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree. It is in response to the significant increase in the transportation of people and goods by air transport. The International Air Transportation forecasts a doubling of air traffic to 7.8 billion trips per year by 2036. Air Cargo is expected to reach 150 million tons shipped per year in the same forecast.

Features of the Degree:

  • 100 percent online, with no GRE requirement, international students only basic IELTS score
  • Kent State is a veteran-friendly school
  • Non-thesis and thesis options (for those who may want to teach or get a Ph.D.)
  • Significant list of available electives (not all may be available each semester)
  • Can be taken in three semesters (fall, spring, summer) but can be taken over more semesters
  • Most classes are only 8 weeks in length
  • Blend of aeronautics requirements, management, technology, and traditional inquiry courses
  • Eleven new courses in exciting areas of instruction
  • Includes management information systems and marketing course work
  • Interactive instruction through Blackboard Collaborate – not just your typical read and click self-learning
  • The Practicum course or Individual Investigation Course can make use of projects you are currently performing in your workplace – or allow you to create one.
  • You will have a faculty advisor from Kent State and not staff from a corporation

This degree will allow you to advance your current career or for those entering the workplace will put you far and ahead of those without an advanced degree or this specific training. It is geared to give students a unique educational experience that can be immediately put to practice.

The College of Aeronautics and Engineering is an exciting and dynamic college dedicated to your success, inclusion of the global aviation community, and scholarship.

List of Courses

Master of Technology

The Master of Technology (MTEC) degree requires all students to complete a minimum of 33 graduate credit hours. Of the 33 graduate credit hours, at least 18 of those hours must be at the 60000 level, and at least 21 hours must be taken in the courses offered by the College of Aeronautics and Engineering (course name prefix AERN or TECH). 

View Overview (including Admission Requirements) and Program Requirements for the M.TECH. degree

Required Courses

All graduate students are required to complete four core courses in the Master of Technology degree program:

  • TECH 57010 Ethics, Technology and the Environment - 3 Credits
  • TECH 60000 Project Management - 3 credits
  • TECH 60001 Quantitative Methods in Technology - 3 credits
  • TECH 60078 Research Methods in Technology - 3 credits

A maximum of 4 semester credit hours earned in graduate workshops may be applied toward degree requirements

A maximum of 9 graduate credits from Individual Investigations may be applied toward degree requirements

A maximum of 12 semester credit hours may be accepted as transfer credits and applied toward degree requirements

Students are required to select the thesis or non-thesis option. The thesis option, recommended for students interested in research and development, allows students to acquire an in-depth knowledge of a narrowly-defined technical area of interest. The non-thesis option is suggested for students who seek a more general curriculum of advanced technical coursework. Those students who choose the thesis option must successfully complete TECH 61199 - Thesis 1 for a total of 6 credit hours.

Specialization Areas

Students have a unique opportunity to focus their coursework in specialized areas of interest such as:

  • Applied Technology
  • Aeronautics/Aviation
  • Computer Engineering Technology
  • Computer Technology
  • Construction Management
  • Engineering and Technology Management
  • Manufacturing Systems/Mechanical Engineering Technology/Mechatronics
  • Quality Systems
  • Radiation Processing
  • Sustainable Systems

Master of Aerospace Engineering

Information coming soon

Distance Learning

The greatest strength of the master’s program is its flexibility, which allows students to complete many graduate-level courses via the internet and video conferencing technology. Plans are underway to offer even more distance learning courses in order to meet the needs of today’s non-traditional students. Given the rapidly changing technologies in every field and the diverse needs of emerging careers and industries, that flexibility has been important to continue to meet the needs of northeast Ohio


A limited number of graduate assistantships are available for students in the MTEC program. In addition to regular coursework, graduate assistants are given teaching and/or research assignments. There are also opportunities for graduate students to collaborate with faculty and researchers on various research and development projects.

Graduate Faculty Advisors

Graduate Students are assigned designated graduate faculty advisors. Students will have the opportunity to work closely with the graduate faculty to tailor an individualized program of study, in addition to the core requirements, that suits their unique professional and educational goals.

Graduate Program Coordinator

Please direct all questions regarding the Graduate Program to Richard Mangrum, Ed.D at or 330-672-1933.