The College of Aeronautics and Engineering (CAE) encourages students to become active in their futures. Take advantage of a variety of resources to enhance your Kent State CAE experience.

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Scheduling an appointment with your Advisor

  • Appointments are 30min, double-check the start time of your appointment.
  • Be on time or your appointment may be canceled.
  • Be sure to check-in with the front desk when you arrive for your appointment!

Schedule an Appointment with your Advisor

Please do not schedule appointments for letter requests.

Emailing your Advisor

Advisors may address single questions via email rather than an appointment.

Instructions for email

Letter Requests

The Office of Global Education (OGE) assists international students and scholars during their stay at Kent State University. OGE is responsible for many processes related to students' and scholars' experiences in the U.S., including all letter requests. Please email your request to

Internships, Co-Ops and Jobs

Please visit the Internships, Co-Ops and Jobs page for information.