CAE Career Services

The College of Aeronautics and Engineering (CAE) has a career services office to provide support to both CAE students and employers.

For Students:

  • Do you need support or strategy for updating your resume, your internship search, and/or your overall career plans?  Set up a 1:1 meeting here with Danielle Muckley and select one of the YELLOW meeting types to get focused support on your individualized needs.
  • Did you land an internship or co-op?  Congrats! Did you know this can be used for college credit?  Please fill out this form for your opportunity to be approved.  Once approved, your advisor can grant you special access to the course for you to receive credit. 
  • Still looking for a co-op, internship, or possibly career placement?  Check out our CAE Career Services Twitter account where we share opportunities that come directly to us and ones we research.  You can also check out and sign-up for Handshake where many companies post excellent opportunities directly for students. Additionally, LinkedIn is an excellent resource! 

For Employers:

  • Do you have questions on a current or new internship or co-op program and how to engage with our students?  Set up a 1:1 meeting here with Danielle Muckley and select one of the BLUE meeting types to talk about all the details and offer you individualized support and advice.
  • Do you have an exciting co-op, internship or career opportunity that you'd like to pass along to students?  Please email Danielle Muckley a link to the opportunity listing and she will post it on our CAE Career Services Twitter account and share it with appropriate teams internally to get it out to students.
  • Did you know over 4,000 colleges use Handshake to post various opportunities? Simply create an account, and after 2-3 days for approval, you're all set to start posting positions and connecting with great KSU candidates.  You can also share these posting links with Danielle Muckley who will share them on our Twitter account and with others within CAE!