The cyber.domain is a collection of three teaching and research laboratories all with an emphasis on the critically important area of cybersecurity engineering and computer engineering technology. The cyber.domain is critical to the academic progression of students pursuing these majors as they learn to fend off security issues before they occur and become experts in solving the unsolvable by mastering the art of computer systems and critical thinking.

The Cyber Range/ Esports Lab has great visibility into the atrium and out towards the campus, ‘showplacing’ the lab and its exciting activities. The Cyber Range provides a controlled, interactive environment where these up-and-coming professionals can learn how to detect and mitigate cyber threats using the same types of equipment they can expect as they enter the workforce. 

The Networking Lab provides a laboratory-based environment for computer networking courses, supporting the exploration and instruction of various networking concepts. The student stations are located around the perimeter, connecting equipment and cabling, with computer tables in the center for student seating.

A centrally located Server Room supports this lab as well as the adjacent Sim/Cybersecurity/AI Research Lab. This flexible lab will support the needs of specific researchers with three VR workstations with omnidirectional treadmills, seven research stations, omnidirectional treadmills and an equipment zone to create a dynamic learning environment with flexible and adaptable teaching and research lab spaces.

The cyber.domain makes it possible for our students to be daring.