Foundry Educational Foundation certified since 1969! FEF offers scholarship, internship and employment opportunities. Our students regularly attend FEF's College Industry Conference held in Chicago, Illinois, each year.


The purpose of the student chapter of the American Foundry Society, KSU-AFS, is to educate students about the metal casting industry, provide networking opportunities with practitioners in the field, gain experience through in-house foundry activities and to assist students in finding co-op opportunities in the industry.

Students involved in the chapter manufacture castings and sell them to a variety of different customers. The income derived from these sales help finance student trips to various trade shows and conferences held throughout the U.S.

Membership in the student chapter also qualifies those students for scholarships offered through the Foundry Educational Foundation, as well as those offered by the professional chapters of AFS. Each year, more than $12,000 in scholarships is awarded to members in the organization. The American Foundry Society exists to promote knowledge and services that strengthen the metal casting industry for the ultimate benefit of its customers.


Applied engineering students are required to take the materials and processes (M&P) lecture/lab course. In the materials and processes lab, students apply what they learn in lecture by participating in six rotations; welding, manual machining, forging, casting, materials testing and plastics. The M&P lab also has CNC, sand testing, metal spectroscopy and pattern making capabilities.