M.S., Aviation Management and Logistics

Graduates of the Master of Science in Aviation Management & Logistics program have the ability to apply existing and emerging management principles in the scheduling, handling, and operation of aviation logistics and cargo. 

This degree was developed in response to the significant increase in the transportation of people and goods by air.  The International Air Transportation Agency forecasts a doubling of air traffic to 7.8 billion trips per year by 2036.  Air cargo is expected to reach 150 million tons shipped per year in the same timeframe. 

This program is well-suited for professionals or graduating students with an undergraduate degree in the disciplines of aeronautics or aviation, engineering, engineering technology, or business. 

This degree program is 100% online with no GRE requirement or thesis requirement.  A thesis option is available for those who might be considering a future in research.   

Features of the Degree:

Aviation Management Logistics

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This degree will allow you to advance your current career or for those entering the workplace will put you far and ahead of those without an advanced degree or this specific training. It is geared to give students a unique educational experience that can be immediately put to practice.

The College of Aeronautics and Engineering is an exciting and dynamic college dedicated to your success, inclusion of the global aviation community, and scholarship.

Plan of Study


For Current Students in the AvML Program: 

Announced Fall 2020: Course Override Procedure

The Ambassador Crawford College of Business and Entrepreneurship has added special approvals to their online graduate courses to ensure that online course availability is restricted to graduate students who need them for degree completion.  That includes students enrolled in the Aviation Management and Logistics program. This measure is designed to ensure that all students who need the course are guaranteed a seat in it.

The following instructions are from the Ambassador Crawford College of Business and Entrepreneurship graduate coordinator: 

As a student, you can request registration overrides by submitting the following form Course Override Request.  As an Aviation Management & Logistics student, you will receive an override into the three courses listed below. Please note as long as you take MIS 64005 - Analytics for Decision-Making, in the first 8 weeks, you will meet the prerequisite requirement for MIS 64041 - Operations, Service, and Supply Chain Management.  

                1) MIS 64005 - Analytics for Decision-Making (CRN:10059)

                2) MIS 64041 - Operations, Service and Supply Chain Management (CRN:10060)

                3) MIS 64042 -  Globalization and Technology Strategy (CRN:10062)”

To reiterate, when you seek MIS course registration, you must complete Ambassador Crawford College of Business and Entrepreneurship’s Course Override Request.  Ambassador Crawford College of Business and Entrepreneurship will grant you overrides for the courses.