CAE Partners with Admissions on 2023 Future Flash Days

The College of Aeronautics and Engineering recently wrapped up their slate of Future Flash Days as part of the recruitment process for the next class of CAE students. The Kent State University Admissions Office hosts multiple Future Flash Days throughout February and March to get students excited about their upcoming college careers. Admitted students and their parents attend a variety of informational sessions about the university and resources available to students, tour the KSU campus, and have the opportunity to take pictures with Flash!

At the College of Aeronautics and Engineering, Director of DEI and Student Affairs, Lawrence Epps, presented Future Flash Day activities for over 150 admitted students and their families over the course of four event dates. “Our overarching goal is to provide the prospective students with a glimpse of the opportunities that await them in the College of Aeronautics and Engineering via the various majors that are offered.” In addition to learning about programs and educational opportunities, attendees were able to interact with current students, staff, and faculty through various activities, tours, and demonstrations. “Being able to showcase the facilities and allowing the students to interact with faculty, staff and students in real time provides context, and demonstrates the endless possibilities within CAE should they choose to Dare Mighty Things.”

Thanks are in order for the following individuals who helped to make the event a success: 

  • Jason Boergerhoff, Associate Professor, Aeronautics

  • Dr. Darwin Boyd, Assistant Professor, Engineering 

  • Mike Testa, Lecturer, Engineering

  • Trent True, Associate Lecturer, Engineering

  • Dr. Jason Lorenzon, Assistant Professor, Aeronautics

  • Dr. Maureen McFarland, Associate Dean, Academic Affairs

  • Brian Neff, Assistant Dean Flight & Operations, Aeronautics 

  • Mackenzie Yozwiak, Academic Advisor

  • Kasey Monda, Academic Advisor 

  • Maclane Stebbins, Graduate Assistant

  • Autumn Ohl, Student, Aerospace Engineering 

  • Cooper Flora, Student, Aerospace Engineering 

  • Kyle Rediger, Student, Aeronautics

  • Devan Pluta, Student, Mechatronics Engineering Technology

  • Hailey Larkin, Student, Aeronautics

  • Alyssa Sheehan, Student, Aeronautics

POSTED: Tuesday, March 28, 2023 01:31 PM
Updated: Friday, March 31, 2023 07:55 PM