Computer Engineering Technology Seniors Present Fall Capstone Projects

On Wednesday, November 30th, Dr. Evren Koptur’s Computer Engineering Technology Capstone class presented their final projects to College of Aeronautics students, faculty, and staff. Senior students, some preparing to graduate in December, programmed two different drone projects: one with the purpose of identifying potentially threatened networks, and another to ease the job of Kent State’s own parking services. 

The first drone project uses GPS technology and an on board computer known as a raspberry pi to scan for and locate unsecured networks in a given range. The networks that this project is programmed to identify have a lack of anti-drone safety measures, leaving them susceptible to attacks. 

The second drone project employs a license plate scanner to record a given license plate and confirm that the given car has permission to be parked in that lot. According to Dr. Koptur, “The purpose of this is to reduce necessary manpower and other more intrusive and time-consuming methods of validating parking permits.”

On the presentation day, students gave a powerpoint presentation about the building process, testing, and their findings. Unfortunately, due to weather conditions, the group was unable to demonstrate their drones to attendees. 

Students taking part in this project were Nathan Beidle, Erin Bhagat, Nathaniel Faudree, Lamiere Green, Emily Rediger, and Mace Saenger, led by Associate Professor Dr. Evren Koptur.

POSTED: Monday, March 13, 2023 10:02 AM
Updated: Monday, March 13, 2023 10:28 AM