Faculty Spotlight

Chang-Geun Oh

Chang-Geun Oh, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Aviation Human Factors

Chan-Geun Oh, Ph.D. attributes his Air Force experience in late 1990s to his interest in industrial and human systems. A love of aeronautics and patience lead him to a career in teaching.

With more than 240 students electing to take Oh’s class, he is an integral part of the College of Aeronautics and Engineering’s (CAE) aeronautics program. He said he looks forward to expanding his research in the areas of flight and air traffic control.

“I dealt with technical intelligence about advance aircraft cockpits,” Oh says. “They were very attractive to me and I decided to become a cockpit designer after the military service. Now I enjoy computerized cockpit systems.”

Oh spends some of his campus time participating in committee work, including the CAE Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, CAE Graduate Faculty Committee and the International Student and Scholar Integration Committee of Kent State University. Looking to the future, he anticipates reaching a tenured associate professor position with considerable accomplishments in the virtual reality and augmented reality research for aviation applications.

His advice to students interested in careers in aviation is to have restless and endless passion and to be positive and active.

Oh says, “Approach everything thinking, 'I want to do this very well.'”

POSTED: Thursday, April 18, 2019 01:44 PM
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