Faculty Spotlight

What university degrees do you have?

  • A.S. Degree ( Engineering ), Notre Dame College, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • B.S. Degree ( Industrial Engineering & Technology ), Sam Houston State University
  • M.Ed. Degree ( Industrial Education & Technology ), Texas A&M University
  • Ed.D/ Ph.D. Degree ( Doctor of Education in Industrial Education  and Technology ), West Virginia University


What inspired you to teach/ to become involved in your profession and/or Industry?

To impact via teaching, research and service the next generation of professionals in Engineering Management discipline, entering the21st. Century workforce.


What is the best part of your job?

Mentoring and Advising undergraduate and Graduate Students in Engineering Management discipline/ Concentration to include Quality Control, Metrology, Statistical Process Control (SPC), Six-Sigma tools and applications, Productivity Analysis/ Engineering Economics, Value Engineering and Analysis, Lean Manufacturing, Just-in-Time (JIT ), Sustainability Engineering, Reliability Engineering, Automation and Automated Manufacturing, and Technology Assessment and Forecasting.


What is your best attribute?

Maintain, and/or  continuous upgrade higher education Professional Standards in my Quality of Teaching, Research and Service activities In-depth knowledge and skills in “State of Industry” teaching and research in my area of specialization ( as stated above ) Incorporating “State of Industry” Educational Technology / media, computer tools and applications in my courses and classroom activities


How many students you have taught at KSU?

In my 23-years of faculty service including 12 years of administrative service as the Dean of the College, I have taught as a graduate/undergraduate professor approximately impacting over 3,000+ ( Three thousand + students at Kent Campus, and across Kent State University-8 campus system and  KSU- international campuses).


What attributes of the College/ University made you stay teaching at Kent State University (KSU)?

KSU is a mission-driven ~  “Engaged University” with students,  North-East Ohio community, business, Industry, and Service sector economy Beautiful Campus, with 100+ years of History, Safety and Student-friendly environment CAE – is a Vision driven 21st. Century College preparing students to enter emerging Industry in Aeronautics/ Flight Technology, Applied Engineering, Sustainability Engineering, Mechatronics, Automation/ Robotics, Computer Engineering and Technology Management disciplines.


What are you most looking forward to seeing the future of CAE’s aeronautics program and/or Engineering Programs

Aeronautics:  Graduate Program ( Master’s and Ph.D. ) in Aeronautics Engineering to conduct research & development activities in Aerospace Engineering

Engineering:  Undergraduate and Graduate programs ( towards Ph.D. degree ) in Mechatronics, Sustainability Engineering, Automation/ Robotics/AI, Energy & Power, Computer and Information Technology, …  and in Engineering Management disciplines.

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