Kent State Air Race Classic Team

Kent State Air Race Classic Team



Air Race Classic Winners

Kent State University’s (KSU) Kenzie Alge ’19 and Alex Johnson finished fourth place among collegiate competition teams and 12th place overall in the 2019 Air Race Classic!  The team finished with zero penalties. These results are the best since KSU began competing in the ARC in 2016.  The flight technology students were racing against a tough handicap speed and had a lot of challenging decisions with weather. See the Collegiate Challenge winners and more.

The Air Race Classic’s began in Jackson, Tennessee and ended in Welland, Ontario, with the team flying a Cessna 172 S Model using Garmin navigation.

Racers experienced changes in terrain, weather, winds and airspace as they flew more than 2,500 miles over four days.

Inclement weather prevented 2018 racers from completing six of the nine legs of the race. This year’s race route keeps Kent State racers less than 400 miles from home base at all times with minimal storm interference.

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