Kent State University Produces Record-Breaking Months of Flight Training

In the face of adversity, Kent State University students and instructors flew a record-breaking, all-time high 1,687 hours in the month of July.  To put this achievement into context, the second busiest month in the past 10 years was September 2019 at 1,509 hours.  Although an additional 178 hours may not seem like much, this accomplishment is even more extraordinary considering it followed the three-month shut down due to COVID-19. During July, CAE was still amid its phased approach to the return to operations and the largest group of students did not return until the second week of July.  Additionally, in order to properly and safely adhere to Kent State University’s Safe Seven Principles, flight periods were longer, which resulted in significantly more time between flights. Fortunately, the longer summer days allowed for extended operations.


Although Mother Nature and the flyable weather she provided was partially responsible for record flight hours, along with the positive attitude and dedication to standards and procedures as evidenced by instructors and students alike, none of CAE’s success would have been possible without consistent aircraft availability. Director of Aircraft Maintenance, Josh Eyring, and his team did an incredible job keeping the aircraft ready to fly. They returned aircraft to service at a rate of approximately four aircraft per day, every working day during the month of July.  Kent State’s flight training successes were not possible without their hard work.


While the productivity experienced during July was exciting, it is not an indication that the battle against COVID-19’s impact is over.  Kent State’s flight training students and staff continue to be vigilant in following the Kent State Safe Seven Principles and doing their part to stop the spread of coronavirus, while maintaining the highest level of excellence in instruction.  Director of Flight Training and Operations Brian Neff, states, “We are confident that our mitigation plan will keep everyone safe, but it is extremely important for our students and staff to continue to comply with the Safe Seven Principles on and off campus.”  Evidence that the plan has been successful was seen in September – CAE missed breaking it’s recently established monthly flight hour record by ONE hour! CAE is incredibly proud of everyone involved in the Professional Pilot program and looks forward to breaking its own record sooner than later.


Flashes Take Care of Flashes.  Always.

POSTED: Wednesday, October 7, 2020 - 10:22am
UPDATED: Wednesday, October 7, 2020 - 10:27am