A New Need for Crime Prevention: Cybersecurity

Q: Where did the cybersecurity team go the last few days?

A: They ran-som-ware. 

All jokes aside, the growing demand for a cyber-safe world will require educated professionals trained on the most advanced equipment, reflective of what they will expect as they enter an unimpeded growing workforce. 

Kent State University is proud to partner and support many organizations in our community to protect and defend digital information from cyber-crime. The two largest threats and exposures are phishing scams and ransomware attacks, and we are more vulnerable now than ever before. "Smaller government entities, such as non-profit organizations like Main Street Kent, are becoming targets of cyber-attacks at an increasing rate," Heather Malarcik, executive director of Main Street Kent, said. "Living and working in cyberspace has become our new normal, which comes with living in cyber-risk. Managing risk is an essential part of achieving success in the age of digital government and city support". 

There is also a place for cyber-protection within the first-responder community. "Connectivity has changed fire departments for the better allowing communication to flow between dispatch and company, city planning and logistics, and real-time updates in order to protect the public," said Chief Craig Mullaly, Brimfield Township Fire Department. "Connectivity has also made safeguarding assets, data, and information a top priority. Pre-planning roles and responsibilities as it regards a cyber incident is just as beneficial as pre-planning for a fire response; we need educated and trained cybersecurity engineers just as we need educated and trained first responders".

The cybersecurity engineering program at Kent State University offers a unique blend of multidisciplinary and co-curricular educational training opportunities that prepare students of today to be leaders of tomorrow. As the digital footprint of the world continues to increase, cybercrime will also continue to increase and cost all sectors of the workforce time, productivity, and money. The value of this education is unmatched and the investment in cybersecurity equipment will continue to set standards that minimize cybercrime, enhance threat detection, and increase threat prevention. 

POSTED: Tuesday, April 13, 2021 - 6:51am
UPDATED: Tuesday, April 13, 2021 - 7:03am