Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight for CAE – Patrick Baker

Patrick Baker

1. What is your favorite class and why?

Introduction to Sustainability, because it shows students how they relate to the environment and how they can positively/negatively impact it, but also it helps develop the skills and mindset necessary for students to achieve a cleaner future.

2. What is your major?

Applied Engineering -Applied Engineering Technology Management.

3. What internships have you had while in college?

I have had three internships with the same company, Equipment and Controls Inc. my internships have provided me with valuable skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem solving.

4. What job do you hope to have after graduation?

I hope to be at Tesla, Tesla’s mission aligns with my goals and I believe this is where I can make the most impact. The culture of tesla is what attracts me the most, the idea of highly motivated individuals working together for the common goal of making the world a better place is something I strive to be apart of.

5. Who at Kent State has stood out as helping you or inspiring you?

Dr. Samuel Fatoba, a post doctorate researcher from South Africa and member of Dr. Du's Fuel Cell Research Group. From the first time I listened to him speak on his research I knew additive manufacturing was something I wanted to learn more about. Dr. Fatoba trained me in additive basics and quickly began working on design projects from Dr. Du together. He has taught me everything I know about additive manufacturing and has been a great mentor with a very optimistic attitude and extremely high work ethic.

6. What extra-curricular groups are you in at Kent State?

I am a part of Dr. Du’s fuel cell group studying additive manufacturing, the fuel cell group was a great way to meet new people with a passion for sustainability and were extremely welcoming. Dr. Du has completely changed the way I view sustainable technologies and grown my passion to making the world a more sustainable place.

7. Have you traveled anywhere exciting to represent Kent State? For example, with a student organization.

My friend Jacob Lebowitz (Computer Science Major at KSU) and I won 1st place at Rockwell Automations 24toCode event where we processed raw manufacturing data and predicted part failure, which would relieve unplanned work. We were the only KSU students in attendance. View Details

8. What has been the biggest obstacle that you overcame as a KSU student?

The biggest obstacle I overcame as a KSU student was learning how to keep a healthy work life balance. Making sure to complete all work to best of my ability but also making time to keep in shape physically and taking mental breaks to make sure I did not exhaust myself.

Graduate school: I will be starting graduate school in Fall of 2020 pursuing my master’s in mechanical engineering technology. I am a participant in the 8-week KSU SURE Program with Dr. Du studying additive manufacturing this summer. I had an interview with Tesla that went very well
and will hopefully have an internship lined up for Fall semester since we were not able to get something figured out this summer with COVID.

Fall 2020 Internship-Patrick accepted an internship with Tesla for the fall of 2020 at their Sparks, NV Gigafactory 1 facility!


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