Students Earn A+ Certification

Three of our Computer Engineering Technology undergraduate students have taken and passed the CompTIA A+ certification examination.

"A+ certified professionals are proven problem solvers. They support today’s core technologies from security to cloud to data management and more. A+ is the industry standard for launching IT careers into today’s digital world."

Computer Hardware, taught by Professor Evren Koptur, Ph.D., serves as an introduction to computer hardware and includes topics such as personal computer architecture and operation fundamentals, basic hardware, data buses and ports, hardware component packaging, auxiliary hardware components, computer assembly, basic hardware installation and configuration, and basic troubleshooting operation of the personal computer associated devices. This course is intentionally aligned with the A+ content which positions our students as having the preferred qualifying credentials for technical support and IT operational roles.  

In January 2021, three undergraduate Computer Engineering Technology students have taken and passed their CompTIA A+ certification examination, making them prepared and qualified with the knowledge and credentials to be industry-ready upon graduation.  

"My favorite part of the Computer Hardware course was getting to learn hands-on applications to real-world problems when working with computers. Besides having to take this course for my degree, I took it because I have a large interest in computers and how they work. I am excited to get my A+ certification as it will help me get a job in the field of Information Technology. Having this certification will help make me marketable while I search for these types of jobs."
-Drew Kiphart, Sophomore, Computer Engineering Technology student 


Students taking this course are expected to have a basic understanding of using computer arithmetic upon course completion. Students will also have developed familiarization with the components inside a computer system and have the abilities and skill-set to demonstrate knowledge of instruction set and processor design. In addition, students will have developed competency to use the multi-core processor systems, as well as have the abilities to understand the memory hierarchy, which includes cache, main memory, and virtual memory. As a result of gaining knowledge and experience in working with computer hardware for 15 weeks, our students are able to develop a high degree of familiarity with I/O and storage systems.

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