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  1. To promote student participation in activities, such as the annual ATMAE student robotics contest, in the areas of robotics and mechatronics and enhance their marketability in job search.
  2. To develop a robotics laboratory facility in the CAE and accumulate the knowledge and experience in robotics and mechatronics for future research and development of projects related to these areas.
  3. To support teaching in robotics and mechatronics areas.
  4. To attract industry support for our activities and lab development.

Implementation Plan

  1. Faculty and staff are encouraged to help recruit students for the Robotics Club. Faculty members who are interested in this effort are welcome to work together.
  2. Faculty Advisors will work with students to develop the robotics and mechatronics lab: Students will learn how to operate the robots and Rockwell Automation's motor controllers in CAE. They will also develop new automation labs and/or improve the existing lab.
  3. Resources: The College will provide lab space to support the development of the Robotics Club. The funding for the activities will be provided by a combination of the following two ways:
  4. External funding sources: Faculty adviser(s) will work with students to write proposals to apply for funding.
  5. College funds
  6. Upon formation of the Robotics Club in the college, the students will elect officers and apply to KSU for a student organization status.
  7. Students will meet once a week with the advisor(s) to work on the projects. During summer, students may register for a "Special Topic" course to continue to work on the projects.


Faculty Advisors

Dr. Darwin Boyd

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