Architecture Experience Program (AXP) + Career Information

Kent State's Architecture Program, Architecture Experience Program (AXP) Architecture Licensing Advisor (ALA) is Associate Dean, Bill Willoughby. AXP is administered by the National Council of Architecture Registration Boards (NCARB). AXP is a requirement for individuals interested in becoming a Registered Architect. Kent State's AXP Coordinator attends the national AXP Coordinators Meeting held by NCARB each year. The source for information on AXP is the NCARB website and a school's AXP Coordinator. Kent State encourages students to begin a Council Record with NCARB. Holding a Council Record is a requirement within the Methods and Materials II course, however, holding a Council Record prior to that is necessary to gaining AXP credit during your education as hours may be logged as soon as one completes high school. Some states will reimburse students for the cost of establishing a Council Record.  


The Architectural Experience Program (AXP) provides a framework to guide you through gaining and recording your professional experience. Developed by NCARB, the program is required by most U.S. jurisdictions and is a key step on the path to earning a license.

Through the AXP, you’ll learn how to safely and competently handle the scenarios you’ll face as an architect. With broad experience areas that reflect the current phases of practice, the program prepares you for everything from site design to project management.

This page is intended to help future Architects manage the AXP process.
Bill Willoughby is the AXP Licensing Advisor  for the College of Architecture and Environmental Design (CAED) at Kent State University. Students and Alumni of this program can contact Bill for support with this process.


Before you can call yourself an architect, you have to earn a license by completing your state’s specific requirements. Each of the 54 U.S. licensing boards sets requirements for licensure in their jurisdiction, but they all include three core components: education, experience, and examination.

Earn an architecture degree from a NAAB-accredited program. A Master of Architecture from Kent State University satisfies this requirement.

Experience is obtained by working under a registered architect. The Architectural Experience Program (AXP) is used to document your hours. Experience can be documented prior to graduation. Contact your Architect Licensing Advisor* for assistance.

Completion of the Architecture Registration Exam (ARE) is required prior to receiving an Architecture License.  State specific licensing requirements can be found here.


Your NCARB Record is a detailed, verified account of your education, experience, and examination history. You’ll need a Record to report AXP experience, start the ARE®, or apply for an NCARB Certificate. 

Visit Start the AXP for experience requirements and support in establishing an NCARB Record. Once the record is established you are required to maintain it with a yearly fee. The State of Ohio will reimburse for the first year. The State of Ohio reimbursement form can be found here and can be submitted at the time immediately upon establishing an NCARB record.

You must be working under a licensed architect to get credit for your hours.  You should confirm with your employer that they are willing and capable of signing off on experience hours.

Complete AXP guidelines can be found here.