Student Printing Directions

8.5 x 11 or 11 x 17 printing (Black & White or Color)


Print Station Computer/Lab Computer

  1. Save your print job in PDF format on your personal computer or lab computer (The print stations do have standard applications but printing from a PDF is strongly recommended).
  2. Use a cloud storage method such as Google Drive or a flash drive to save your file.
  3. Login to the Print Station Computer/Lab Computer with your Flashline username/password and Open your file (Print Station Computers are located on the 4th floor next to the plotters. Lab Computers are located in room 309 and 330).
  4. Select print, then select the desired printer. You will be prompted to sign in to Pharos with your flashline username/password to send your print job to the Pharos system (Your flashcard will not be charged at this step but it will show the cost in a notification window).
  5. Remember to LOG OFF from the Print Station Computer! Proceed to the Pharos Release Station.


  1. After you have sent your print job to the Pharos system, log in to the Pharos Release Station by swiping your flash card or by signing in (Pharos Release Stations are located next to the printers on the 4th floor).
  2. Select the print job you wish to print and click print. (You Flash card will be charged at this time).


Personal Computer
  1. Download and install the Pharos Print Drivers from the
  2. Print from your computer to one of the CAE printers (Printing from a PDF is strongly recommended).
  3. Log in with your flashline username/password when prompted.
  4. Follow the directions for the Pharos Release Station above.

Note: Printing from your personal computer is not supported by the CAED IT department. If you encounter issues, try deleting and reinstalling the pharos print drivers and if all else fails use the computer lab or print station computers to print.