Florence Courses Offered

Florence is a rich community of academics, scholars, and artists. KSU Florence faculty members are from leading Italian and European academic institutions, as well as from Kent State University or its partner institutions. All CCI Florence faculty members have been approved by the College of Communication and Information at Kent State University.


Here are a few classes that CCI students can take while in Florence. Please be sure to review the course details and work with your academic advisor to determine the best choices for you. For a more complete list of classes offered, please visit the Office of Global Education's Course Offerings.

CCI 40089: Branding and Social Media Strategies for Italian Lifestyle

Course Name: CCI 40089: Branding and Social Media Strategies for Italian Lifestyle

Description: The course will analyze the phenomenon of ‘made in Italy’ with a focus on fashion, food and design from a communication perspective. Students will have the chance to better understand the branding strategies effectively operating behind some of the most important Italian brands that make Italy and Italian productions fascinating and attracting for the foreign consumers and markets. The course will focus on PR, social media and advertising strategies that are central for contemporary brands and it will investigate the main strategic areas of ‘made in Italy’ and how they are communicated and promoted. Specific case studies will be presented and discussed in class.

Credit Hours: 3

Prerequisites: None

Open to all students

CCI 40189: Italian Pop Culture

Course Name: CCI 40189: Italian Pop Culture

Description:  This course is aimed at investigating Italian contemporary pop culture with a focus on celebrity culture, television and music in Italy. While investigating media, format, genres and imageries of contemporary Italian pop culture, students will be able to immerse themselves deeper into aspects of the Italian cultural identity that inform and shape pop culture narratives such as mafia, the Catholic/religious imagery etc. The course will investigate new practices of production and consumption of media content and it will take into consideration key concepts and practices that are central to the cultural industries such as genres, format, celebrity and adaptation by presenting and discussing different media products. While focusing on the Italian case, comparisons will be made with The U.S.A. and other European countries.

Credit Hours: 3

Prerequisites: None

Open to all students

CCI 40289 Italian Cinema

Course Name: CCI 40289 Italian Cinema

Description: The course introduces the student to the world of Italian Cinema. In the first part the class will be analyzing Neorealism, a cinematic phenomenon that deeply influenced the ideological and aesthetic rules of film art. In the second part we will concentrate on the films that mark the decline of Neorealism and the talent of ‘new’ auteurs such as Fellini and Antonioni. The last part of the course will be devoted to the cinema from 1970s to the present in order to pay attention to the latest developments of the Italian industry. The course is a general analysis of post-war cinema and a parallel social history of this period using films as ‘decoded historical evidence’. Together with masterpieces such as Open City the screenings will include films of the Italian directors of  the ‘cinema d’autore’ such as Life is Beautiful and the 2004 candidate for the Oscar for Best Foreign Film, I Am Not Scared. The class will also analyze the different aspects of filmmaking both in Italian and the U.S. industry where I had the pleasure to work for many years in the editing department on films such as Dead Poets Society and The Godfather: Part III. The films in DVD format are dubbed in English or sub-titled.

Credit Hours: 3

Prerequisites: None

Open to all students.

CCI 40489 Multimedia Experiential Learning

Course Name: CCI 40489 Multimedia Experiential Learning

Description: The Multimedia Experiential Learning course is designed to allow students a deeper understanding of their study abroad experience in Florence by projecting, developing and editing multimedia products (mainly articles, but also blog entries, pictures and videos) about their academic and extra academic experiences while living in Florence. Students will practice an activity of processing information related to their everyday life experiences, visits of exhibitions and museums and meetings with professionals by regularly developing content/stories about these experiences as well as about events taking place in Florence. The in-class meetings will help students to better focus on the different fieldtrips that will take place during the semester by providing background information about the Italian context. In-class activities are meant to support students editing their stories that will be published online on different platforms. At the same time, students will develop a direct collaboration with the editors in chief of www.flonthego.com one of the main destination for their multimedia productions.

The course is mandatory for all the CCI students enrolled in the Florence Semester program.

Credit Hours: 1

Prerequisites: Accepted in the CCI Florence Cohort

CCI 40389: Documentary Filmmaking

Course Name: COMM 40389: Documentary Filmmaking

Description:  Documentary Filmmaking is a course characterized by the co-existence of theory and practice and the balance between the two. The theoretical aspect of the course has the purpose of providing information about general basics of film language, film history and the history of documentary filmmaking. It will provide the students the tools for being able to talk about ideas in terms of film language, through the analysis of existing documentaries and exercises shot by the students themselves. Without a good theoretical base, it would be difficult to find the right kind of themes, voices, styles and development. The practical aspect of the course is focused on teaching the students the use of technical equipment including still-cameras, video-cameras, lights, audio tools and post-production software. The course will be focused mainly on European Documentaries as a way of teaching the thematic and political difference between the cultures of the two continents. The combination of the theoretical and practical aspects will generate a solid base for the micro-production of well planned documentaries, which the students will develop, shoot, edit and screen.

Credit Hours: 3

Prerequisites: None

Open to all students

ITAL 15204 Basic Conversational Italian (CCI)

Course Name: ITAL 15204 Basic Conversational Italian (CCI)

Description: Exposure to basic grammar and to current Italian useful to travelers. Not applicable to fulfillment of foreign language requirement.

Credit Hours: 2

Prerequisite: Accepted into the CCI Florence cohort


Internship for CCI Students

Description:  By permission only. Contact Professor and Associate Dean, Miriam Matteson (mmattes1@kent.edu).