Breakout Session Descriptions: 1:00-1:50 pm

1:00 pm – 1:50 pm
Breakout Sessions

Room 313: The ABCs of CBE Course Design

Recognized as a CBE best practice model for Ohio (ODHE 2016 Annual Report), Sinclair Community College received full HLC institutional accreditation for its current and future CBE programs in 2017.  But how did we get to this level?  This session focuses on three core elements of Sinclair’s CBE course design: Alignment, Branding, and Course framework.  Additionally, participants will see examples of how faculty and IDs can use storyboarding to assist in CBE course design.  Come experience the ABCs of CBE course design that you can use to begin, or build upon, your own CBE knowledge!

Room 317: From Ordinary to Extraordinary: How Student Engagement Can Redefine your Course and Facilitate Deeper Student Learning

This session is for anyone, IDs or faculty developer, who wants to learn how to transform an ordinary run-of-mill course into an extraordinary engaging one by changing how the students interact with each other, the content, and the instructor. This session will provide new ideas on building gamification into your course, and will show you how to leverage course analytics to help support your case for the transformation.

Room 306AB: QM Program Reviews - Successful Preparation and Planning
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The session will include a brief overview of Quality Matters Program Certification areas. We will showcase strategies applied to preparing for a Program Review. The importance of a QM champion and task force will be stressed. Behavioral Outcome:  Develop a strategy to obtain certification from Quality Matters for programs that indicate achievement of excellence in online learning.