Workshop Description

Curious About User Experience Design But Not Sure Where to Start?

This 2.5-day workshop will provide a foundational understanding of the User Experience Design discipline and introduce tools and techniques professionals use to create great products. 

The workshop is a mix of lecture and hands-on activity that allows you to immediately apply what you've learned. We'll work through a mock project and you'll create deliverables in each phase. Along the way, you'll be coached by a team of professionals to help guide your work and fine-tune your approach -- setting you up for success. 

Topics include:

  • Overview of User Experience Design - Where it came from and what it looks like today
  • The Design Thinking Phases
    • Research (conduct user interviews and personas)
    • Plan (create storyboards and sitemaps)
    • Design (create sketches and wireframes)
    • Test (conduct usability testing)
    • Deliver (compile findings reports and recommendations) 
  • Software options
  • Real world examples of user-centered design failing and the implications to its users
  • Informative Ted Talks
  • Game-based learning