Business Management Technology

Program Introduction

The Associate of Applied Business degree in Business Management Technology provides students with a core consisting of communication, management, accounting, marketing, e-commerce, economics and liberal arts courses. Students may have the opportunity to participate in internships, which help to link theory with hands-on practice.

This Program is Right For You If

  • You enjoy planning, coordinating and leading.
  • You like to oversee projects and obtain results.
  • You like to motivate people and have good communication skills.

This Program Will Teach You To

  • Apply lessons learned by integrating business simulations into appropriate courses using Excel, MyLab or other simulation software.
  • Discuss various aspects of teams in business: team dynamics, different types of teams, meeting rules and management.
  • Research and share how businesses are currently working to improve their products, services and overall organizations.
  • Understand business concepts and vocabulary.
  • Demonstrate knowledge acquired by emphasizing public speaking, ethical problem solving, teamwork and multimedia presentations.
  • Write in a formal and informal style.
  • Demonstrate ability to work effectively in teams.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of business and economic principles, concepts and vocabulary.
  • Interpret local, state, national, and international markets and regulations.
  • Use appropriate technology for business applications, as well as review future technology needs.
  • Identify, assess and solve specific problems for actual organizations, or address problems presented in a case study.
  • Distinguish between ethical and unethical business practices, and show an appreciation for diversity in the workplace.