Carissa Griffith

Spotlight on Nursing's Carissa Griffith,
2nd year nursing student

When she was just 16 years old, and still in high school, Carissa Griffith began working in healthcare and her journey to becoming a nurse began.

Carissa Griffith  - Second year nursing student

She earned her STNA certification as a high school student and worked in that role for two years. Following her graduation from high school, Carissa enrolled in the Hannah Mullins School of Practical Nursing and earned her LPN diploma. 

“Nursing has always been an interest,” she said, “and I just always knew that I wanted to continue my education.”

That desire to continue her education led her to the Kent State East Liverpool ADN program, where she is currently in her second year of training to become a registered nurse.

“I chose Kent East Liverpool because of the ADN program,” she said. “I wanted to go this route so that I can start working sooner and then continue to the BSN program.”

Carissa has worked as an LPN for three and half years, beginning in a nursing home and now in the area of home health. “I absolutely love it,” she related.

Once she graduates from the ADN program, Carissa said she sees herself working with geriatric patients. “I have always worked with the elderly and enjoy it very much,” she said. “You can learn so much from them.”