Computer Policy

The University recognizes its role as the guardian of a forum for the free and open exchange of ideas and information.

The University also recognizes its responsibility to provide an environment for research and learning that is free of hostility and considerate of the sensibilities of all participants. The University while not desirous of playing the role of censor must assure that it provides proper avenues of redress in the event that a member of the university community feels degraded or harassed by something he or she sees on a university computer display. The University’s network system allows access to all manner of textual and graphic information from all over the world, some of which could be considered offensive by some people and acceptable by others. Individuals who display information of a graphic or textual nature in a public or private area, viewable by others that consider it to be offensive or degrading, are liable to face charges of harassment. The University does not commend or condemn the values of either party, but will ensure that the offended party has free and open access to whatever grievance procedures are available to them. The University encourages faculty, staff, and students to be careful and considerate of others in choosing what they wish to display on their computer screens.