Eligibility Requirements

Documentation of Learning Disabilities

In order for students with Learning Disabilities to receive services from the Student Accessibility Services office, documentation that meets state and federal standards indicating the presence of a Learning Disability, is required. The student must contact their LD teacher, school psychologist or private psychologist to arrange to have copies of one of the following submitted to the Student Accessibility Services office in care of Danielle Baker-Rose, 330-337-4214, dbaker13@kent.edu.


  1. An Individual Education Plan (IEP) from Grade 12 identifying the student as being served for a specific learning disability.
  2. A Multi-Factored Psychoeducational Assessment completed by psychologist or school psychologist during Grades 10, 11, or 12. This assessment must indicate that the student has a diagnosed Learning Disability and is receiving services for the disability. Please see the Guidelines for Documentation of Specific Learning Disabilities for more information regarding the Psychoeducational Assessment.


Students who do not have Learning Disability documentation from high school may submit data from a Psychoeducational Assessment with a private psychologist or school psychologist, stating the presence of a specific Learning Disability.

Additional Questions

Please feel free to contact Danielle Baker-Rose, 330-337-4214, dbaker13@kent.edu with questions, or to schedule an appointment for a Pre-Enrollment Interview, to inform you of your options for your academic career.