Fall 2013 Prize Winners

The Undergraduate Research Committee is pleased to announce the winners of the Fall 2013 Undergraduate Research Conference (URC) held on December 5, 2013:  .

Long Oral Presentations

  • Chelsea Minnich, Brianne Wagner, and Dannielle Hendershot, “Putting Safety First: The Importance of Intruder Safety in Schools”; 1st prize, $200
  • Kayla Jenkins and Nick Baronzzi, “The Perks of Being a Woman in Medieval Iceland”; 2nd prize, $100
  • Winter Weyand, “Smart Cookie” and Casey Yourex, “Mentoring vs. Educational Conformity”; 3rd prize (tie), $50.

Poster Presentations

  • Trent Frederick, Greg Lowe, and Mike Rockhold, “3 T MRI Prostate Imaging”; 1st prize, $200 
  • Emily Brain, “The Importance of Secure Attachment between Infant and Caretaker”; 2nd prize, $100  
  • Amy Johnston, “The Homeschool Option”; 3rd prize, $50
  • Allison Edie, “Bullying”; Honorable mention, $25
  • Christy Zeigler and Nick Torelli, “Effects of Autism on Early Development”; Honorable mention, $25

Short Oral Presentations

  • Mathew Duck, "The Effectiveness of Exercise and Cholesterol"; 1st prize, $200
  • Kelly Waller,  "Quantitative Analysis Final Project"; 2nd prize, $100
  • Kathlena Lattanzio, “Napping and Increases in Productivity and Memory”; 3rd prize, $50 
  • Brittany Jarrett, “Who Drinks More Wine?”; Honorable mention, $25
  • Elizabeth Miller, “Does the Freshman 15 Turn into the Senior 30?”; Honorable mention, $25

Prizes are awarded based on originality, significance, evidence of learning about the research and information gathering processes, and overall quality.

All students who participate receive a certificate .