Fall 2014 Prize Winners

The Undergraduate Research Committee is pleased to announce the winners of the Fall 2014 Undergraduate Research Conference (URC) held on December 4, 2014:  

Poster presentations

  • Stacie Arnold, "The Foot Steps of Tomorrow: Parenting Techniques"; 1st prize, $200  
  • Jessica Sands, Sylvia Cintron, and Angela Ruthrauff, "Improving ADHA with Diet and Exercise"; 2nd prize, $105 ($35 each)
  • Joey-Lynn Corfee, Sierra Hull, and Paige Mountz "Importance of Game Play in Pre-School"; 3rd prize, $60 ($20 each)

​Long Oral Presentations

  • Genna Sink, "Postpartum Depression and its Effects on Parent Child Relationships"; 1st prize, $200
  • Austin Cope, ""First Generation College Students: Social Challenges"; 2nd prize, $100
  • Mariana Bonish, "The Use of College Mentors in Changing Perception of Healthy Eating among Appalachian Adolescents"; 3rd prize, $50

Short Oral Presentations

  • Cameron Brinker, "Adolescent Minds, Masculinity, and Self-Confidence"; 1st prize, $200
  • Caleb Huffman for "Health and Happiness: A Demonstration Using 3 Statistical Techniques"; 2nd prize, $100
  • Heidi Woolweaver, "The Acute Effects of Caffeine on the Anxiety Levels of Older Female and Male College Students"; 3rd prize, $50

Prizes are awarded based on originality, significance, evidence of learning about the research and information gathering processes, and overall quality.

All students who participate receive a certificate.