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Kathrine Vance-Righetti, M.Ed. LPCC

Kathrine Vance-Righetti, M.Ed. LPCC

Kathrine Vance-Righetti, M.Ed. P.C./C.R.

Kathrine is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. In 2004, she graduated from Kent State University with a Master's in Education majoring in Community Counseling.  As a member of the  American Counseling Association, the Ohio Counseling association and the Ohio College Counselor's Association, she is eager to attend to needs specific to both the traditional and non-traditional college population. Her passion is advocating for diversity, equity and inclusion and the importance of having a global, humanitarian, positive mindset. On campus along with individual counseling, she provides educational workshops, activities, presentations and classroom collaborations to increase the awareness and importance of striving to increase mental and emotional health so that students can better focus on academics, graduation and successful employment.  

Job Title

Professional Mental Health Counselor

Job Department

Counseling & Human Development Center