Scholarship Recipients Honored at Annual Awards Ceremony

Kent State University at East Liverpool recognized the academic achievements of numerous students, and the generosity of scholarship donors during its annual Fall Scholarship Reception.

Dr. Stephen Nameth, dean of the Kent State Columbiana County campuses, welcomed the students, donors, family members and friends, while emphasizing the important role each relationship plays in measuring success at a university. He also acknowledged the many first generation college students at the event, himself included, and the importance of bridging that gap.  


Annual funding is provided by the Ohio Board of Regents to award scholarships to our students and from generous donors who are invested in the success of Kent State East Liverpool students.

Bridger Scholarship:
  • Cassandra Jirous
  • Leslie McCauley  
Diversity Scholarship:
  • Jacob Smith
  • Michael Ferro
  • Taylor Hardman
  • Tawnia Jenkins
  • Jacob Reed
  • Alexandra Williams 
Potter Town Foundation Annual Scholarship:
  • Mary Davis
  • Kathlena Lattanzio
  • Brooke Quinn
  • Shannon Rabovsky 
Opportunity Scholarship:
  • Megan Beaver
  • Jillian Bergert
  • Luke Cartwright
  • Joann Collins
  • Jeffrey Dale
  • Jason Dickey
  • Kayla Farnsworth
  • Kodie Ferro
  • Mindi Jones-Quito
  • Colleen Kelly
  • Larry Meute
  • Tawnya Michael
  • Constance Mushweck
  • Alycia Nicholson
  • Danielle Reed
  • Taylor Schucht
  • Carisa Smith
  • Susan Walliser
  • Nathan Wilkinson
  • Allison Wilkinson
  • Helena Wiley  
  • Kristie Yoho
Rutledge Scholarship:
  • Erin Watson  
Rutledge Diversity Scholarship:
  • Ciarra Moran  
Mayer Nursing Scholarship:
  • Charles Reynolds 
Rachel Boyce Lang Memorial Scholarship:
  • Mark Kovalcik
  • Paige Travis
Friends of the East Liverpool Campus Scholarship:
  • Clayton Brightwell
  • Hunter Hershiser
  • Craig Miller
  • Douglas Morgan 
Home Savings Bank Scholarship:
  • Matthew McConnell
  • Christopher Miller
  • Katelyn Moore
David T. Mason Memorial Endowed Scholarship:
  • Katlynn Baker  
Occupational Therapy Success Scholarship:
  • Janet McCutchen
  • Tina Epperheart 
Blue Sky Therapy Amy E. Reed Memorial Scholarship:
  • Sara Hanlon 
Bridging the Distance Scholarship:
  • Jessica Fleeman 
Gus Markanton Memorial Scholarship:
  • Damon Magenau
  • Matthew McLaughlin   
Dr. John Hayes Nursing Scholarship:
  • Jessica Barach
  • Tonya Collier
  • Amber Crawford
  • Ashley Fraser
  • Britney Jordan
  • Christina McNamee
  • Ronnie Reed
  • Ashley Smith  
Success Scholarship:
  • Lee Alverson
  • Rene’ Barlow
  • Alexander Bean
  • Kaylea Bell
  • Susan Blystone
  • TiAera Crow
  • McKenzie Davis
  • Jennifer Dissette
  • Nikole Dixon
  • Mary Earich
  • Stephanie Echard
  • Renee Engleman
  • Robert Fox III
  • Ciara Frank
  • Logan Gaskill
  • Samantha Hilditch
  • Monica Petrella
  • Lori Riley
  • Kayla Winters
  • April Wright


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POSTED: Friday, October 11, 2013 02:34 PM
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