Turfgrass Management

Examining turfgrass plugsWhy is turfgrass important?

Turfgrass plays an important role in our environment. In fact, the healthier the turf, the better it can protect the environment. Healthy turfgrass reduces run-off, minimizes erosion, cleans the air, neutralizes pollutants, and absorbs rainwater.

Not only does turfgrass play an important role for our environment, the industry also has a tremendous impact on our economy and our families! More than 40,000 individuals are employed within Ohio's turfgrass industry and the total economic impact from the industry tops $4.5 billion.

There is a variety of exciting career opportunities for turf grass managers.  These career paths are vast. They include lawn care (working for a company or owning your own company), golf course superintendent or assistant, golf course mechanic, irrigation tech, spray tech, athletic field manager, grounds management, sales, parks and recreation and sod farms. These careers begin with a sound education in the biological sciences.

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