Tyler Higgins

Spotlight on Nursing's Tyler Higgins,
First-year nursing student

When considering a career, Tyler Higgins knew he wanted to work in healthcare; he just did not know in what capacity. Tyler Higgins First-year nursing student

“I changed my mind a few times before I chose nursing,” he shared. “From the beginning, I wanted a job in healthcare helping people, but nursing wasn’t my first choice. I went from radiology to PA, then to nursing.” 

Tyler is a first-year student in the ADN program at Kent State East Liverpool. He took classes here while in high school and attended Ohio University for a year, but returned to Kent State for the nursing program.

“Nursing is more dynamic than most healthcare jobs because of trying to figure out how to treat each individual patient and dealing with different situations every day,” he said. “The best part is helping people, not just with their health problems, but to make changes in their lives.”

Where does he see himself as a future nurse?

“Right now, I want to go into pediatrics, but who knows? I many change my mind by the end of the program!”