Beta Phi Eta

Beta Phi Eta is a fashion based fraternity who's mission is to bring together creative minds to collaborate and network. With the outbreak of Covid and the majority of our classes being virtual for the first 2 years of our college experience, we found it hard to connect with people in our majors (fashion merchandising and design). With 2 remaining years left on campus, our goal is to take our remaining time to bring as many creative minded people as we can together. One of our activities includes hosting clothing donations/community flea markets to promote our founding principle of sustainability in the fashion industry. We also plan on doing design challenges, having guest speakers from the fashion industry, and doing resume workshops. We are extremely open to accepting all kinds of people with creative majors including, but not limited to, Architecture, VCD, Photography, Theater, Creative Writing, Fine/Visual Arts, etc.

We are a fashion based fraternity who accepts fashion and creative souls alike. It's based on the notion of collaboration and networking with those who share similar interests and career goals.