Catering for Events

All events hosted on the Kent Campus must use University Culinary Service’s catering options (; 330-672-3305).  Please note the guidelines below for providing food and beverage during an event.

Catering Services

Please utilize this hyperlink to take you to the homepage of the University Culinary Services’ Website.  

  • The above link to the main webpage for University Culinary Services includes information on their menu, as well as Catering FAQ's that help to explain information on submitting a food waiver to bring in food from an outside source.  

  •  Please know that all waivers need to be submitted in advance and if the waiver is not approved by University Culinary Services then your organization CANNOT bring in food or beverages from an outside source.  

  • Homemade food may not be distributed: Policy 4 - 06.2


On campus fundraisers that involve food need to follow the below criteria to be an approved event  

*Please know that even if your event space request was approved, if you do not follow the below policies & procedures your event can be cancelled due to breech of university policy* 

  • For any fundraising event you will need to fill out a Sales & Solicitation Form 

(Please contact to obtain a Sales & Solicitation Form) 

  • If your group plans on selling any type of food, you will need to obtain a signed food waiver to sell food on campus. A link to the University Catering waiver can be found on their website within the Catering FAQ's section.  

  • Homemade food CANNOT be sold during a fundraiser per Policy 4 - 06.2 

  • If your event has received Undergraduate Student Government Allocations, you are not permitted per university policy to conduct fundraising activities or have paid entry. This also includes raffles with paid entry.

Alcohol Waiver

If you are looking to have alcohol at a registered student organization on-campus event, you will need to submit and have an approved Alcohol Waiver through the Center for Student Involvement Office.   

**Please note that a submission of a form does not equal an approved waiver.