Are Student Organizations required to have a bank account?

  • No. Student organizations are not required to create a bank account in order to receive funding.  
    • Please note: CSI does not keep track of any information pertaining to your student organization’s bank account (including EIN information). It is the responsibility of your organization to monitor your account, keep track of your financials, and properly pass along important information pertaining to your bank account.  

If I am the main contact for an event, will the fees incurred be charged to my personal student account? 

  • No. Any fees incurred from your organization from hosting an event on campus will be charged to your student organization’s account and can be paid through the bursar’s office.  
    • If you have created an online account with the bursar's office, it is highly suggested that your organization holds onto that log-in information to pass down to the next leader.  
    • If you have an online account with the bursar's office, we suggest logging into it before you hand off everything to the next leader to ensure that there is not an overdue balance left on the account. 

Do we need to re-register our organization once per semester? 

  • No. Your organization only needs to be registered once per academic year.  
    • Please note: If you register your organization within a spring semester, you will then need to re-register your organization for the next academic year which begins in the fall semester.