Melissa Godar

Originally from the Chicagoland area and within a family of 7… Melissa is now a Kent State University student studying an Integrative degree with further concentration in Costume and Technology, Crafts-Textiles, and Ancient, Medieval, and Renaissance studies. Melissa has an interest in anything that has to do with finding out more about what it means to be unique and destined ….but you can hear her commonly say “The Best way to be a Human is to be a Humanist!” She says this because humanism is really not all that complicated…All people are born with the potential for greatness so according to Melissa by joining our society this is the best way to be living our individual dreams while at the same time helping to change the world we all share! We don’t choose to be human but we can choose to be the best we can be. Melissa believes that all humans have an inherited responsibility to thrive and to share their compassion and awareness of all living and nonliving elements that exist throughout nature on this Earth.